Indie Book Recs

Wherein are books I’ve read that are either self-published, or published through indie presses.

Asunder: A Vatan Chronicle (Book 1 of the King’s Renegade) by L. Steinworth

“Looking for a Roguemance?
Something with action and adventure, rogues and royalty, monsters, pirates, mystery, and romance?
Then step into Vatan…
Mayli’s world shattered when her mother, the queen of Ammos, was assassinated. The heir to the throne of Brimley—Mayli’s fiancé at the time—was accused of the crime. The resulting war between the two kingdoms destroyed Brimley and refugees fled across Vatan. Now the grieving princess travels to court a new royal suitor, but her plans to secure a strong alliance go awry when her carriage is attacked.

Alden, a Brimleyn loyalist, goes undercover in the Shadowen Thieves Guild hoping to find evidence that will clear his prince’s name. His efforts prove futile until their latest assignment: abducting the Ammosian princess. Completing the job could expose her mother’s murderer, but at what cost?”

Braidy von Althuis: And the Pesky Pest Controller by Tycho Dwelis

“Ten-year-old Braidy von Althuis just wants one thing: to fit in. The other kids at school think he’s weird, and for good reason. Despite his oddities, Braidy wants more than anything for his dad to be able to come to Township Day, a fun-filled event at school, but Mr. von Althuis refuses. “It’s too dangerous,” he says.

Things change for Braidy when Mr. von Althuis gets sick, and, even worse, this pesky pest controller won’t leave Braidy alone! Will Braidy be able to get his family to Township Day without his world falling apart?

Braidy von Althuis and the Pesky Pest Controller is a tale of friendship, family, magic, and mayhem that takes a look at what it means to be bullied and how to rise above it.

This book is suitable for children aged 8 – 11.”

Birthright (The Impavidus Cycle) by M.A. Vice

“When a young daemon becomes host to his father, the eons-old progenitor of his kind, it seems his only purpose is to kill and kill again, to build a new world fit for the dark to rule. Unseen by humans, the world has long been controlled by the strings of a shadowy secret society of immortal beings, the Order of Azoth. As the organization fractures and begins to unravel, he may be the last hope of the Order to quell the spread of corruption and change the path of the future. Just as they may be his only hope to discover his own humanity.”

Scriber by Ben S. Dobson

“Dennon Lark is a Scriber, a scholar of the Kingsland’s forgotten past.  He wants nothing more than to be left alone in his self-imposed exile, but when a group of rebels called the Burners attack the Kingsland with mysterious sorcery, Scriber Dennon’s research into the realm’s history may hold the only way to stop them.

Trusted only by Bryndine Errynson—the King’s infamous warrior niece—and her company of female soldiers, Scriber Dennon must uncover the Kingsland’s past in order to preserve its future.”