The Dreamer and the Marked by Airic Fenn is a beautifully written fantasy novel with an expansive world, creative story, and such in-depth characters (…) Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would highly recommend it.

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Fenn’s prose is both descriptive and stimulating, painting an alternate fae world with unknown creatures that never leave readers disengaged.

The BookLife Prize

A crafty, twist-laden tale that effectively introduces a complex fantasy series.

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In the wake of her Mam’s death, Krystal Monarain has turned to escapism, throwing herself into the fantastic stories she was told as a child and the strange, recurring dreams she has at night. But she never quite believed her Mam’s tales that her birth mother wasn’t human—That is until Draqa, a stranger from one of her dreams, appears in her life and tells her she’s part fae. So she does the unthinkable and risks following him into Arai, the realm where the fae have lived unbothered for hundreds of years. For Draqa, however, Krystal’s arrival in his world could mean his execution, and he must do everything he can to get her off his hands before they’re caught.

Meanwhile, unrest is growing between the fae and those they deem a threat to the safety of their realm, and when someone from Draqa’s past comes to him seeking aid, he and Krystal may have no choice but to get involved.


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A map of Arai


Arai is a realm where magic is combined with technology and is home to the beings humans have told tales about for centuries. Some, ah, inaccuracies may have developed over the years. Adjacent to Arai is Taevalear, which translates roughly to “the Other Realm.” Humans just call it earth. Arai and Taevalear were traveled between frequently before humans grew fearful and dangerous. The fae have not forgotten this betrayal and have looked to humans with scrutiny ever since.

Book 1 primarily takes place in Erothel, one of the twelve nations united under the guidance of the High Council of Arai. Erothel is by far the most powerful and excels in sea and air trade. Its only true rival is the neighboring country of Adonis.


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General Content Warning:

This book contains depictions of physical and emotional abuse, suicidal ideation, alcoholism, and general violence. If you have questions about other potential content, feel free to ask via the author’s contact page.