#2: The Curse of Orias

#3: Title To Be Revealed

Short Stories

“I Am Not Orias”

“The Stars Are Drowning”

A map of Arai


Arai is a realm where magic is combined with technology and is home to the beings humans have told tales about for centuries. Some, ah, inaccuracies may have developed over the years. Adjacent to Arai is Taevalear, which translates roughly to “the Other Realm.” Humans just call it Earth. Arai and Taevalear were frequently traveled between before humans grew fearful and dangerous. The fae have not forgotten this betrayal and have looked at humans with scrutiny ever since.

The Dreamer and the Marked (Book 1) primarily takes place in Erothel, one of the twelve nations united under the guidance of the High Council of Arai. Erothel is by far the most powerful and excels in sea and air trade. Its only true rival is the neighboring country of Adonis.


Main Cast

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